jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

What is Vixi Mexico?

VIXI MEXICO is a company dedicated to sell art, crafts and decorative elements of the highest quality, in order to link producers and artists with the global world. In addition to this work opened opportunities for Mexican families producing sustainability and offer a space to promote its products.
In VIXI MEXICO we have been selected each of our suppliers by channels that allow VIXI MEXICO to be one of a kind:

• Featured designs that are differentiated by their originality
• Labor: Each of our products are "handmade" which makes them unique.
• Quality: Each piece of art, crafts and decorative element found in our gallery is selected by our expert team of executives with an exhaustive selection process.
• Mexican Products: All products offered by VIXI MEXICO are made by Mexicans artists.
• VIXI MEXICO only has a direct relationship with the producers of the works we sell.
VIXI MEXICO describes the activity of a meta-artist, who, with the introduction of a combination of works of art in a space, does modulate the way they are perceived and how to interpret their meanings, showing art in different forms of expression with an unlimited variety of materials through our website, therefore we are so proud to offer for sale goods made by Mexicans.

The products offered in VIXI MEXICO can be sold in specialized stores in Mexico and abroad, and end users through a technology platform that is automated online.

Nota: Por Gabriel Reyes
Curador de Arte Diseño y Artesanía en viximexico.com
Catálogo OnLine en viximexico.com.mx/catalogo

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